Lebron X Denims

Lebron X Denims

I type this post as we are waiting patiently in front of UNDFTD (Las Vegas). Saturday, June 22, 2013 brings the release of the Lebron X Denims, a shoe as sought after (if not more) than the Corks which were released back in February. I’m grateful for a high temperature today of just 99. And the breeze blowing thru my hair is a lifesaver. Stale air and triple digit temps probably wouldn’t stop me, though. People from all walks of life are drawn to a line like this; people who want nothing more than to experience the feeling of wearing them and being the envy of all their friends, those whose passion for sneakers is rooted with nostalgia from their childhood, and then there are those who realize the monetary value in the thirst for these shoes out there and can capitalize on its demand.  My boo is a little bit of all of the above.   Pay no mind to Jaysse’s facial expression in this photo.  He might look like he’s been sucking on a bunch of lemons but he has a love for this game. The passion is there.   I didn’t necessarily  always have a passion and love for sneakers.  But, my passion and love lies in this man.  It’s much more than shoes.  Follow us in our journey and you’ll see what I mean…




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